Ancestry – Find and Record Your Family History

family historyResearching Family History has become a #1 past time for people around the world, and who doesn’t want to know where they came from?  Wanting and making connections to our past… our ancestors can be Fulfilling, Rewarding and Thrilling.  You’ll get hooked.  Doing Family History has become very popular and we are all drawn to finding our story… Family History is the way to do it.  There is so much that awaits you!  Honor your story – honor you.  Get started now by going here.

Practical Reasons for Doing Family History

Family HistoryAccording to GeneologyInTime Magaizine, there are also many practical reasons for doing Family History:

  • Validate Family Stories – Find out if family stories about our ancestors are true.
  • Famous People – Determine if you are related to someone famous.
  • Historical Event – Gain a greater understanding of your ancestor’s involvement in a famous historical event.
  • Trace Medical Conditions – Evaluate if there is a risk of getting certain medical conditions.
  • Trace a Family Inheritance – Determine proof of a family connection for potential heirs.
  • Track Land Ownership – Settle questions of land ownership and provide proof of descent.
  • Find a Family Portrait – See if you, or someone, looks like an ancestor in an old family portrait.
  • Locate Birth Parents – Find the birth parents of an adopted child as well as finding children given up for adoption.Family History
  • Community History – Document a community history by understanding the families that founded and influenced the community.
  • Historic Studies – Provide insight into history through studying a famous family like a royal family.
  • Heritage Societies – Provide proof of lineage to qualify for a heritage society.
  • Preserve a Close Relative’s Legacy – Learn more about a parent, grandparent or sibling after their death.
  • Maintain Family Traditions – Preserve knowledge of ancestors who contributed to family traditions, like a family recipe book.
  • Preserve Family Culture – Lets families preserve some of the culture of their old country.

Family HistoryResolving Family Trees in Bibles – Understand the names written into an old family bible.

  • Understand Family Letters/Diaries – Get an intimate glimpse into an ancestor’s experiences and feelings.
  • Understand a Namesake – Learn more about the person you were named after.
  • Settle Ownership of a Heirloom – Help resolve disputes over the origin of heirloom.
  • Reconnect with Family – Find and reconnect with living family members.
  • Family Legacy – Pass on a legacy to future generations.

Find Your Family – Find Yourself

Family HistoryFamily History is Exciting, not to mention Fun! It is a rewarding study of your family and of tracing your family line and history. You can not only use  oral interviews, but also historical records, genetic analysis, and other records to obtain your families story and yours. Know your story, find your story, FIND YOU.